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ugh. just ugh...with a side of ugh

anyway, here's the story and I really need to get this off of my chest: a friend of my bf and I have had a feud going on for sometime now. 5 months ago, she slandered me for no reason to my bf. She and I have never met, nor have we spoken to each other. my bf got mad, he did not talk to her for a month. She apologized, but didn't apologize or even offer anything to me. Ever since then, I've had huge problems with her.

Then, a few weeks before sept. ended, she made this semi-racist comment about Arab muslim women saying that they're hairy and smelly and said something along the lines that there are enough white, good looking women in this country that men should consider dating, and I replied with her quote, because I was furious about that statement and said to her "yeah, too bad you're not one of them". That's what started my first fight with her stupid, punk ass. I was like "you say mean shit about other people, now expect people to say mean shit about you" and of course, she got her panties in a twist and flames shot out of her mouth.

And this is where it gets good...saturday comes along and Craig tells me that Lili made a horrible comment on his blog entry about some religious debate he had with her. Craig did not even make an anti-muslim statement or whatever, he just said that muhammed prosecuted jews and what not and this is what she said: "looking at what your own people did to their own Messiah (Jesus) they probably deserved it." And that's where I came in. I came to the point where enough is enough with her ass, so I sent her an angry venting letter I wrote and sent to her. More details are in my letter to her...(It makes me mad that people are assholes to their own friends...) I wrote and posted/vented several versions of the letter, but the one I sent to her was a bit more tame.

He then gave me his word that she would be out of both of our lives, but backed out of it. He said to me that she will be out of my life and the life my bf and I have together. Of course, I got upset, I got irrational and I felt hurt that he didn't really choose a side. I wrote one more venting letter, just to get off my chest and here's her reply.

I copied and pasted the letter, and e-mailed it to Craig. I just feel so confused, angry, enraged and a bit scared.

Support would be appreciated. Sorry if this post is long. If I need to do an lj cut, I'll do it.
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