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bitch_inc's Journal

.bit.ter .c.ynical and .h.eart-broken
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this is a place to bitch,
not be a bitch,
especially if you're not too bright

Welcome to our unloved community. This community was started up on December 12th, 2002.

To be a member of this community, the only major requirement is that you exude an overwhelming cynical bitterness regarding all that involves love, romance, relationships, sex, dating, and related crap.

If you are male, and you wish to join this community, you must first prove to us that you are equally as bitter...okay, that's impossible...but you must prove to us that you are bitter. Then we will not hate you, as we hate most people.

Cynical, bitter females are welcome to join at will.

We welcome you with open, unloving arms to our sad, broken community.

. we are bitter .
. we are cynical .
. we are heartbroken .

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