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uh.. hi.. i don't really think i'm a bitch, but i'm pretty fucking negative.. is that the same? ah well.. sooo i'm just gonna bitch?
life has been pretty boring, lately, just got out of a 2-year [sucky, waste of life] relationship in february.. i dealt with that pretty okay, considering the fact he was a prick. i got into another relationship with my friend, barely. sort of. okay, so it was like, a crush, he said he couldn't go out with me because 20 minutes was just TOO far away. 5 months later he comes back around, my life is perfect for like 3 weeks and then he said that 10 minutes (i moved closer) was too far away, tells me i'm perfect... "you're the only one".. then leaves. okay, so wtf. i was depressed/extremely pissed off for like 2 months, but hey. i have aaron, still, apparently. coolest person ever. i found out that chris migrates with girlfriends, so it's like 3 weeks for anyone. the only reason why i'm still upset is because we're not friends anymore. how stupid can someone get? dating your friend. what a huge mistake.
anyway, a couple of weeks ago i found out that my best friend i'd ever had, naomi, hung herself. isn't that fucking spectacular? so i'm dealing with that, and then another friend is bitching at me because "i'm not a good friend to her" but hey, that's been happening even since before we met.

so basically, my life = teenagedramabullshit.

will this ever end?
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